Sunday, December 27, 2009

Reflections of 2009

How do you summarize everything that took place in a year? When I was a child, the stretch from Christmas to Christmas seemed interminable, but now the time passes in mini-flashes. I try so hard to relish each day, knowing that I shall pass through another 24 hours only if the Lord sees fit.

The loss of so many family members and some dear friends exaggerate the emotions when looking back on this year. We lost Larry's mom, Laverne, in April--the last of our parents. I've always maintained that no matter the age of your parents at their passing, and no matter your age, you feel like an orphan. With the passing of each additional family member, it's as though another piece of your past is chiseled away, as though you are disappearing too. I once heard several centanarians interviewed. All concurred that the hardest part of reaching that milestone was losing your family and friends along the way. As we attended funeral after funeral this past year, I began to feel their plight, even at 61. I'm inspired, however, to live life more fully and with gratitude for all of its many blessings. Thank you, God, for each day, each opportunity, each experience, each person with whom I can share my joy in living!

We had two more grandchildren this year--Charlotte Abigail and Leah Hope--what little angels they are!! They were so precious at our Christmas celebration--just old enough ( 8 mo and 6 mo respectively) to enjoy the other children, the lights, and the excitement. They were the life of the party, being passed from one person to another and each enjoying the attention! Our eldest grandchild, Gabriel (11), is in middle school and is quickly becoming a handsome young man. Elise is 7 and is quite busy with her horseback riding and school. She recently jumped at the opportunity to entertain the whole school with maracas at their Christmas program! Caleb is 6 and loves kindergarten, super heroes, and computer games! Madelyn and Amelia are precious, energetic three-yr olds with imaginations that keep us entertained. Of course, they are dressed as princesses most of the time.

Larry and I enjoyed our long-planned land/cruise tour of Alaska with our dear friends this year. What a blessing our Christian friends are to our lives! I thank God for their friendship every day. They inspire me to be a better person. We look forward to planning new adventures with them in the future.

Our sons and their wives continue to earn our admiration as parents, spouses, and professionals.
Life is tough for young people now. There are so many demands on time for both the moms at home with children and the dads in the workplace. Moms have to spend so much of their time on the road and waiting in car lines, it's difficult to squeeze in all the other "stuff" that moms have to do! Tiffany and Jenny are amazing moms! Matt still loves his job as a doctor of clinical pharmacy at Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga and Ethan loves his job as an attorney in Cumming, GA.

I pray God's blessings on family and friends in 2010. Whatever is ahead, be assured that God is in His heaven and is in control of our lives! It's all right for us to feel out of control! Good thing, huh?

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